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 Sailor Universe's story

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Sailor Universe's story 11909631_713534062124361_534274421_n
Sailor Universe's story 11908028_713534045457696_1839004887_n
Sailor Universe's story 11868646_713533988791035_139133700_n

Sailor Moon Fanfiction Episode(s) 1-8

Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts have disappeared. They haven't been seen for ten years. New Sailor Senshis have come to replace them. The only Sailor that is known to the new Senshis is Chibiusa(Mini Moon.) She lives in the Crystal Moon kingdom with her husband Pegasus and her daughter Chibichibi. Many girls try to become a Sailor Senshi, making false accusations. Only those who can prove themselves are able to attend Chibiusa's Sailor School.

  I am one of the chosen ones. My name is Mitsuki Mikato. I'm sixteen years old and the head Senshi in my squad. My Sailor name is Sailor Universe. I'm currently in my third year in Sailor School and Chibichibi's guardian, even though she can transform herself. My home is forsaken and evil is lurking in every corner. With the other Senshis on my team we train together and look for the Guardian Senshi. Chibiusa has grown worried since Hotaru(Saturn) has disappeared as well- she was the last of the Outer Senshi.

                                     ~End of Intro~

    Wind blew my hair as i walked down the barren hallway, all the doors open. A baby's crying was growing louder as i continued. I quickened my pace. Laughing echoed around me, drumming through the hallway. Stepping into a darkened room, I saw a man standing at the window holding baby Chibichibi in his arms.

       "Who are you and put the Princess down!"

      The man snickered and I pulled out my pendant.

     "Universe Cosmic Power! Make up!"

    As soon as i was done transforming I slammed my staff onto the ground.

    "Put the Princess down, otherwise you'll be answering to me."

    The man flinched. I ran forward and I hit him hard in the stomach with the butt of my staff. Princess Chibichibi fell out of his arms and I swiftly caught her.

   "Sailor, step back," a man's voice called.

   "Yes, Pegasus," I said jumping out of the way. A light came out of his horn and it turned to chains bounding the man. Queen Chibiusa stepped into the room and took Chibichibi out of my arms, smiling. I nodded and picked up the man by the collar.

   "Pegasus do you want me to take him to the prisonhold?"

    "No, let me. You have to report to your chambers. You're out too late."

    I nodded, my bangs covering my eyes and ran down the lab rinth of a castle. Quickly, I found myself in the school quarters and went to the chambers. A girl stood at the end of the hallway and met my eyes.

   "You stayed up for me?"

    "Who else would've watched your room while you were gone?"

    "Thank you, Atanoshi."

    Meet Atanoshi Jaykoto. She's the quiet strong type of girl. She's Sailor Forgotten. Her Sailor name is that because she was created because they decided Pluto was no longer a planet but a drawf planet and then to not a planet at all, and most people have forgottten Pluto. Oh did I forget to mention she's fifteen? It's said that people forget things around her. Her parents one time forgot she ever existed she was so quiet.

   "Good Night Mitsuki."

   "See you b r ight and early for training?"

  "Sure. I'll wake you up."

   I smiled tiredly and changed into my human form. I sighed and fell onto my bed and fell asleep instantly.


         I woke up to footsteps in my room. I looked up and saw a boy standing in front of my bed. He didn't move, and his eyes met mine. Qucikly, I sat up and undid my b r aid. My hair fell on my bed around me and the boy bowed.

     "Goodmorning Princess Mitsuki. Princess Atanoshi isn't awake yet. It's time you've started your training."

     "What? Training? I have training with my Sailor Team today."

       "Luna waits for you outside in the palace courtyard," he said right before disappearing.

       Suddenly, Luna burst into my room, distress written on her face.

        "Luna? What's wrong?"

         "The Dark Kingdom. They're back and Chibiusa's not strong enough alone!"

         "Alright. I'll get my Scouts together. Hurry Luna, you still have Sailor Moon's pen right? Use it to transform into your human version. If you can do that certainly Chibiusa or I could make you a Sailor...."

      "It's alright, don't worry about me!" She said jumping out of my window.

      "Universe Cosmic Power! Make up!"

      "Forgotten Prisim Power!

       "Earth Prisim Power!

       "Smores Prisim Power!

       "Astroid Prisim Power! Make up!"

           We stood together in a group, appearing out of the shadows.

       "Queen Chibiusa, we've come to your aid! I am Sailor Universe and this is my team! We are known as Super Guardian Senshi! In the name of the universe's safety we will punish you!"

       Chibiusa paused just b r iefly enough to smile at me before getting struck down. I gasped, racing forward. A man dressed in white approached me that I recognized from yesterday. The upside down black moon flickered and I froze.

       "Chibiusa! Universe-chan!" Smores screamed.

       "Earth Shaking!"

       Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a huge ball of green light come out of Earth's wand. The ground around us began shaking, catching the man off guard. I escaped his hold and jumped back behind Sailor Earth.

       "Smores Flame Spiral!"

        Sailor Smores waved her wand around creating spirals of flames. Quickly it shot at a girl who looked like a Dark Sailor Pallas. The girl cried out in pain and anger just before disappearing. Suddenly I heard a cry. I looked up and saw Astroid in the man's arms, unconscious. Soon Sailor Earth was unconscious too.

        "Smores watch out!" Sailor Forgotten screamed. I turned around and fell to my knees as I saw another one of my Sailors disappear. I grabbed the dirt on the ground in between my fingers and held it up, so it flew in the wind.

         I slowly stood up and scanned the sky. Hundreds of b r ainwashed Sailor Students(Scouts who go to Chibiusa's Sailor School) floated in the air along with a Dark Sailor Vesta and Dark Sailor Ceres. Sailor Forgotten flew up into the air meeting their height.

      "Forgotten Memory Hurricane!"

      "Amazon Jungle Arrow!"

      Sailor Forgotten flew out of the way, but the arrow changed its direction and began following her.

      "Universe Twil-" The man with the upside down black moon on his forehead interrupted me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and drew me closer.

      "Hey What's-Your-Ugly-Face! Get your grabby little hands off the princess!!"

       "Sailor Star Fighter!"

       "Sailor Star Maker!"

       "Sailor Star Healer! Make Up!"

       "Now listen here Ugly, if you don't let go of the princess you'll be answering to us. We're known as the Sailor StarLights, only reborn. Now, as I said it before, let go of the princess."

 "I've heard of your old selves. Weren't you girls then?"

        Star Fighter blushed, but Star Healer and Maker didn't seem to be bothered.

 "Sailor Universe!! Help!!"

 I balled my hands into fists and punched the man in the gut. Sailor Forgotten shrieked, but I was too late. I stood frozen as Dark Sailor Vesta took Sailor Earth and Dark Sailor Ceres took Sailor Forgotten.

 "ATANOSHI!!!!!!!" I scream tears flowing from my eyes.

 "Star Sensitve Inferno!!" Sailor Star Healer yelled attacking the man.

 "Star Gentle Uterus!" Star Maker yelled as soon as he found the man again.

 "I won't forgive you for what you've done! Star Serious Lazer!" Star Fighter yelled.

 I looked into the man's eyes looking for reasons to why he did this.

 "Elliot," I whispered. The man looked down at me and I said it louder, "Elliot." The man looked shocked and disappeared.

"Universe Gentle Lullaby." I called out in a hushed whisper to heal all of the turned Sailor Students. They were slowly carried to the ground by my lullaby. I turned back into my human form and ran off towards the school, tears cascading down my cheeks.

I ran inside the school, ending up to run into the junior high division when they were switching classes. I bumped into a group of girls, almost knocking one over. I caught her and apologized fairly quickly and continued running until I got to the high school division. The classes were all over, so I ran inside an empty classroom. I shut the door behind me, jumping to the sound of thunder.

Slowly, I walked to the front of the classroom. I looked out the window and walked towards it. Lightning flashed, blinded by sorrow I didn't flinch. Tears continued to cascade down my cheeks as I thought more and more about my lost friends. "Someone," I whispered, barely able to hear myself, "please save me..."


I heard panting behind me and I blinked. Two arms wrapped around me, turning me around. "It's okay," Kaito whispered. "I'm here now." I gripped his shirt, leaning into him. Sobbing at first, turned into bawling.

"Atanoshi! Saya-chan!(Smores) Kisuki-san!(Earth) Maria!(Astroid) I'm so sorry..! I'm so sorry!"

Kaito rubbed my back and began singing me a gentle lullaby. He carried me b r idal style down the hallway. He carried me into the dining hall. He sat me down next to Touya and Michiru. I saw several girls get mad, while others blushed. One of the girls took a picture. I couldn't care more because my only friends had disappeared and it was my fault.

          Touya wrapped his arm around my shoulder. I leaned into him, forcefully. Michiru side glances at Touya, not saying anything. Kaito walked back to the table with four glasses of water. He saw Touya and I together but he kept his thoughts to himself. He sat the glasses down on the table and sat down lookin up at the stage.

            Chibiusa walked up to the stage holding Chibichibi and Pegasus walked behind them. Chibiusa was wearing one of her evening gowns that reminded me of Queen Serenity. She looked down at the student body and smiled sorrowfully.

           "How are all of you recovering?" She asked.

           "What happened today?" A boy yelled.

           "We were attacked by the Dark Moon Kingdom. We lost senshis to them. No they didn't die. They were taken from us..."

          Chibiusa looked down at me and I nodded giving her permission.

          "We lost Sailor Forgotten, Sailor Smores, Sailor Earth, and Sailor Astroid... They were from the Super Guardian Senshi team... You can send the leader of that senshi group your condolences to her later. But please not now."

          "As the Headmasters, Chibiusa and I, we want you all to stay indoors until further notice. That means no going outside or leaving to see your family. I know you miss them and this was supposed to be your week off. But now you'll have to call your parents that it'll be another week or two until you see them."

           I heard some children start complaining while others sighed with relief. Chibiusa and Pegasus got off the stage and began to leave the dining hall. I got up and walked over to them.

          "Does this mean that I can't go get them back?"

          "You heard me didn't you? You're apart of the students to, so no means no."

         The dining hall went dead silent. Chibiusa looked at Pegasus like he might've said something wrong.

         "So you're saying that I can't go and save my friends?! It's my fault that they were taken because I was not strong enough! And you're saying I can't go and save them even though it's my fault? I'm sixteen Pegasus! You can't just treat me like I'm some ten year old! I don't care if you're trying to protect me! I'm trying to protect my friends! They might not even survive to see this school again and you're telling me to just sit and wait?!"

        "Yes Mitsuki I expect you to sit and wait."

         Frustrated I glared up at him. On impulse I slapped him and ran out of the dining hall and towards the dormitory. Enraged I ran outside and went to the gates. I opened them and ran out onto the street.




         "Sailor Universe?!!!"

         I slammed the gates closed, backing up. I watched as students filled the muddy courtyards looking for me. Kaito, Touya and Michi were running towards the gates, several others soon following. No. Please don't follow me. Stay away from me can't you tell I want to be alone?! Is what I wanted to scream but then that would give my exact spot away. So, I ran onto the b ridge to Japan's most known city: Tokyo.

       Rain pours as I walk in the city. My heart pounds as I continue looking over my shoulder to see if anyone from the academy followed me out this far. Suddenly, something heavy knocks me down and I look up. A boy glares at me and walks off. Another group of boys pass and one of them stops and reaches a hand down at me. I take it gently and he helps me up. The other boys stop and walk over, keeping only a small distance away.

       "What a uniform! You don't seem to be from around here! What school do you go to?"

      "That's a lot of questions... But, yeah, I don't attend school in the city. It's not far from here."

      "Is it a b r eak or something?"

      "Y-Yeah, something like that. See ya then," I let go of his hand and walk off, slower than I wanted to but it was only to look casual. I continued to walk through the over crowded city and sighed when I realized I was offically lost and I need to go back. I bit my lip and looked around. Rain thundered down and I jumped at the sight of lightning.

     "Come on... There's gotta be somewhere to hide..."

     A playground caught my eye and I ran over, hiding in a small dome like thing. It had holes in it where kids could crawl through and I crawled into the biggest. Thunder clashed and I jumped, hitting my head on the cieling. I almost moaned but swallowed it and sat on the dirt. Something caught my eye and I look into the darkness. A small girl, with tears streaming down her cheeks, cuddles with a blanket.

     "Hey... It's okay, come here..."

      She jumps over, startled by lightning and I hold her tightly in my arms. "Don't be scared," I smile. "It'll end soon. I promise." She nods. I hug her as she warms me with her body heat. "I-I think there's someone outside," she whispers. I nod and she slides off. She sits in her dark corner and I crawl outside. I stand up and gaze towards the road. A couple of men, and a few older teens, stand in somewhat of a circle and hold cans filled with alcohol.

     The smell of liquor causes me to turn around and notice what the men were looking at. I step back and almost fall. The girl screams and runs out and hugs my legs. Quickly, I pick her up and wrap the blanket around her. A hand grabs my ankle and I step back, dragging the boy on my ankle a little.

    "Get off!!" I yell as I throw my leg up. The boy hits his head on the dome and before the other drunk boy could reach forward I run to the road. One of the men tries to grab my arm and I look at him shocked. The little girl screams and hangs on tighter. I kick him in the jaw and glare, just before taking off.

    "Hurry, go towards that building on the edge of that street!"

    "'Kay," I cough as I pick up speed.

      One of the boys wasn't drunk and was chasing after me, while the others walked lazily further behind. My heart almost comes out of my chet when I slip through the closing sliding doors. The girl jumps out of my arms when a lady dressed rather nicely with an entourage behind her. The lady hugs the little girl and she stops smiling when she looks at me. I turn around and look at the boy outside the building. He turns and walks away and I turn back around.

     "Oh, you must be her mom. Hi, I'm Mitsuki. It's very nice to meet you..."

     "Ms. Hanozawa. This is Hinata. Thank you for b r inging her here unharmed."

     "You're welcome, I'm glad she's okay."

     I begin to walk away when she calls out. I turn around smiling gently. "You don't seem to be from around here," she smiles. "Meaning you need a place to stay. So why don't you come and stay with me until you're school's b r eak's over. How does that sound?"

     "Yeah... That would be nice thanks..."


       I wake up to a gentle knock at the door. I look around my new room and sit up, stretching. "Come in," I yawn quietly.

    Hinata runs in, a maid with long thick lightblue hair follows her. "Here are your clothes mistress," she smiles, setting them on my bed.

     "That's all Nyellie. Thank you," Hinata smiles.

      The maid bows, leaving the room.

      "So, what do you want to do today? I mean since you're staying with me all b r eak?" Hinata smiles, as she climbs onto my bed.

      "I want to explore the city. I think that'd be great, considering I've actually never seen the whole thing before," I laugh.

       "What?! Really?! No way! Do you have to sleep at school and stuff?"

     "Yeah, I do. It's one of those schools that's really hard to get into so they don't like you leaving very often."

        "Well, today, after b r eakfast, we'll go explore the city."

      I nod, getting out of bed. "Can I be alone for a bit? I want to get ready before I go downstairs."

       "Why? I always eat b r eakfast in my pjs!" Hinata says, grabbing my hand.

      "H-Hinata wait!!"

       She runs down the hallway, leading me down many flights of spiral stairs. After a while we find ourselves at a huge table in a b road dinning room. Her mom sat at the edge of the table, dressed for another day of work. A couple of other people sit at the table, all eyes fixed on us.

      My face turns red and I look at my clothes. A shirt like tank top dress flows right about my matching white colored pants.

     "How did you sleep last night?" Ms. Hanosawa asks, drawing my attention back up.

      "Better than I ever could've gotten back of school. Thank you so much," I bow, formally.

      "Come on, sit down, b r eakfast has just begun."

      Hinata leads me to an empty seat and we sit down. I look at my plate and study the craftmanship, of how well the flowers were painted, and how much they reminded me of Kisuki. I bite my lip and blink when I hear my name.

     "Y-Yes?!" I almost shout, back into reality.

      "Are you alright?"

     "I just... remembered one of my friends..."

      "Oh did she pass?" A boy asks.

      "No... Just... It's complicated..."

      "We can help you find her," an older boy offers, getting up.

      "No, it's alright. I can find her on my own, I promise."

      Hinata holds my hand as food was b rought to the table. After food was put on my plate, I ate slowly, my mind wandering again. Accidentally, I bite my tongue. "Ow," I pout, the taste of metallic blood filling my mouth. I get up, excusing myself and leave the dinning room. Making my way to my room, a voice echoes in my head.

      "You'll never find them," it taunted. "They're gong to die before you reach them. Hurry Universe, hurry."

     I run to my room and throw the clothes on. I look down and smile, perfect running clothes. Demin shorts hug my thighs and a sleeveless tanktop hugs my chest. I wrap the scarf around my neck and rush to the cabinet. I leave a note and rush downstairs and out one of the variuos back doors.

      My thoughts grow smaller and smaller as I run through the city. A man dressed in white appears and disappears. I follow him, hoping it was the man I saw yesterday. He leads me to an abandoned factory and I hesitate.

     What if I transform and Pegasus and Rini pick up my signal? What if they send someone after me? What if they already have? What if I'm not alone? Could this be the wrong place? Could this be a trap? Will I die?

      I shake the thoughts away and grab my pendant. It blinks and it opens, light coming out of it. I force my eyes shut, to lessen the light. When I opened my eyes again, my pendant changed. Words came through my head and out my mouth, "Universe Activation!!"

       After I transform, I look down at my uniform. I smile, a wand coming into my right hand. As soon as I grip it, it turns into  staff. I blink twice before running into the building.

      "You'll never find them," the voice taunts, coming from everywhere.

      I cover my ears, wincing. "Shut up and show yourself you coward!!"

       About ten feet above me, floated the man. I jump into the air and strike him with my staff. He smirks, disappearing then reappearing behind me. He snaps, and I slam into the ground. I cry out in pain and get up. "Where did you take them?!" I yell, looking around for him. But he was gone. And so were my hopes.

       Footsteps echo around me and I clench my fists, my crystal tears falling onto the floor. Hands grab my shoulders and pull me upright. I look over my shoulder and blink at the man dressed in white. His moon flickers and he smirks. "You came," he hums gently. My head falls onto his shoulder.

       "Where are my friends?" I whisper, taking a b reath of air before sniffling.

        "Don't worry, you'll be with them soon," he paused, taking my head in his hands. His fingers carrassed my cheeks, "how did you upgrade your transformation so quickly?"

         My vision clears of the clouding tears and I stare into his eyes, "It just happened... Like how I knew your name... It... Just came to me."

          He slowly leans his head forward, his forehead gently touching mine. The upside down cresent moon flickers and I cry out in pain. I fall unconscious just as he carries me b ridal style. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~          

           Light shines b r ightly around me and I sit up, opening my eyes. I look at the dress I'm in and then at the bed I'm on. It was all white to every last detail. I look around the room I'm in and gasp. It was like a forest, grass and trees surrounded me.

            A door opens, quite some distance away and after a while of waiting, Elliot comes into the room. I quickly stand, my toes gripping the grass gently. "Where am I?" I ask, walking forward, approaching him. He smiles gently and continues to walk to the edge of the tree line.

             "You're in my castle... for now. Your friends don't seem to be here yet. I wonder where they might be... Possibly they escaped?"

             I stare at him with a calm expression, knowing that he's probably trying to toy with my emotions. "Don't screw with me," I glare.

            A smirk crosses his lips and he completely walks into the light. "Did I offend you?" He takes a lock of my hair and gently b rings it up to his lips.

             I smack his hand and grab my hair, turning around, pink fluttering across my cheeks. "Do not touch my hair," I squeak, forcing myself to calm down, I b ravely turn around, "what do you want from me? What do you get in me being here?"

            He looks down into my eyes and says nothing for a while. "You are everything that I-we-need," he whispers, his eyes not averting from mine.

            "We? What do you mean? Elliot, you're not being clear.."

           My guard falters and he notices this, sitting in the grass. I sit on my knees in front of him, something causing my head pain. I hold it gently and wince, crying out quietly. He holds me close to him and the pain eases. I let out a sigh of relief and then notice what I've done. I jerk back, falling on my butt.

           "The Dark Moon Kingdom... I'm here to b ring you back to us. I'm taking you back home where you first were born."

     "W-What..?" I look up at him and suddenly I fall unconscious, laying against his chest. He rests his head on mine and b reathes in pants. He shifts onto his feet, carrying my limp body. Gently, he sets it on the bed and runs a hand through my hair. He sits down next to me and stares calmly at my peaceful face. "Why did you come back for me? Mistuki.. you should've left me when I told you to.."


My eyes open to the sound of footsteps. I look around a dark room and feel chains on my wrists and ankles. A hand jerks my head up, foring me to stare into blood red eyes. They bore into me and I begin crying. I stop in shock, my voice is higher pitched, my body weaker than it was before. I continue to cry, being thrown onto my feet. "Go Universe. You need to witness your wrongs," a grunt comes from behind me and I rush forward.

Barefeet walk hurriedly down the hallway, being followed by boots. Chains slow my feet as I try to gain some distance away from the man. My neck is yanked back and I realize there's a collar on my neck as well. A hand grabs my shoulder and I see Tuxedo Mask. I reach up for him but he looks angrily at me, stepping backwards. "Universe, you're in the wrong. You're hurting everyone. You need to stop this now while you're still young!" He yells.

"How can you say that?! I'm only doing what seems like fun!" I cross my arms, pouting with tears in my eyes, "I'm in the wrong? How can I be in the wrong? I'm just a child. I don't know right from wrong!!" Suddenly, a smack echoes in the corridor. Slowly, I b ring my hands up to my left cheek and look up at Tuxedo Mask. The tears burst from my eyes and I fall onto my knees, my small body curling up into the fetal position.

"Universe, you do know right from wrong but you're choosing to ignore it!! Now... get up," he extends a hand, getting on his knees, holding out a hand. With a shaking hand, I take it, not knowing what he wold try to do if I hadn't accepted the kind offer. He helps me to my feet and sets a hand on my head, "sorry," he says after he begins walking.

I nod, whimpering as his hand got tighter. He realizes this and loosens the grip. He guides me to a wooden door with multiple locks on it. The door is opened and he pushed me inside. I fall forwards, my hands unable to b reak my fall as I slide on tile. My skin then burns from the heat that was caused from the friction.

"Open your eyes and stand," a voice hisses. My eyes creep open, looking around to see nothing. Just darkness. "No.." I whisper, my heart beginning to pound rapidly, "please don't hurt me anymore!!!!!!" I scream, curling up in a ball, a white light surrounding me. It envelops me safely, a warm light carressing my damaged skin.

Opening my eyes once again, I see myself staring right back at me, only she had cleaner, b righter hair and a clean white dress on, barefoot like me. Her eyes shine with confidence and she wraps her arms around me. "It's okay," she whispers, her warm b reath tickling my ear, "I'll save you now."

Tears flow from my closed eyes, slowly opening to reveal an empty room. I sit on the ground, looking at the puddle of tears as it begins to grow. A door opens and a hand rests on my shoulder. Finding the courage to look up, I see Elliot kneeling in front of me. He wraps his arms around me and I sob into him. "Mitsuki," he whispers, "I'll save you."


A light shines b rightly on my face and I open my eyes with a gentle grace. I stand and look around, "Elliot?" I stand and walk to the tree line, where I find a hidden door-- a not so well hidden door. I enter the hall and I shiver at the cold floor touching my sensitive skin. I run down the hall, my pendant reacting to a call. I answer it and gasp when I see Atanoshi. Her clothes are a mess and the pendant is on the floor. A man from the dark moon kingdom holds her against a wall by her neck. She chokes out screams and tears sream down her cheeks. I transform and look around, "sorry Elliot. Univseral Transport!"

In an instant I'm right behind the man. Atanoshi barely gets out a, "t-thank god," before falling unconscious from the lack of oxygen to her b rain. I whip out my staff and hit the man over his head. I catch my friend's falling body and I hold her close, teleporting away. I place her down on my bed and heal her slowly. Elliot bursts into the room and then sighs in relief.

"Are you alright?"

I nod, "just fine, but Atanoshi isn't. She must've gotten in more battles than she could handle..." I continue healing her, all my focus going to Atanoshi. Elliot looks at me with loving eyes and then I turn to him he looks at Atanoshi.

Tears cascade down my cheeks as I sigh thankfully. "I thought I had lost you.." My hand slowly moves her bangs from her eyes and I sit down and hug her, my head resting on her chest. "Don't leave me Atanoshi to only get hurt.." I sniffle a bit and hold her close. Elliot's hand suddenly sits on my shoulder and I sit up, the moon on his head appearing once more. My eyes widen and I begin to lose the shine in them, "Elliot.. what are you doing?" I fall forwards onto him and he sets me on the bed.

"I'm sorry, I can't have you going back there again. Even if it costs you your memory." He teleports Atanoshi back to the school where Chibiusa and Luna immediately take her in their arms. They put her in the medical wing and Chibichibi sits beside her. "Chibi?" She raises an eyeb row and pokes Atonoshi's face. Chibiusa moves her hand away from Atonoshi, "let her rest. We'll find out what happened after she wakes. You'll get Mitsuki back."

Elliot paces in a dark room, waiting for the mysterious man in black to arrive. "Ah, my boy, you've b rought her here. Good work.." the older man says, his read eyes gleaming with a forboding light. Elliot nods, keeping him head down in a formal bow until the man says he could lift it up. As he does so his eyes widen, the once protectors of Chibiusa stand beside the figure in front of him.

"You've done well. Bring her to me so I can make this world to it's rightful form." With a snap my unconscious body floats in front of the man. His eyes trail from my head to my toes, laughter bubbling up from his chest. "Now this pathetic galaxy will be mine."


I wake to nothing but darkness around me. My eyes struggle to adapt as my heart begins to flutter with uncertainty. My hand flies to my waist where my b rooch was comfortably waiting. 'I'm still transformed? But why?' I thought to myself looking around my heart nearly stopping when I see Elliot solemnly standing in front of me. "Mitsuki," he says; his excited eyes contradicting his sad voice, "your friends have perished." He hands me their crystals and my eyes widen.

<( ) />"No you're wrong, they're fine! These aren't real!"

<( ) />A malicious chuckle comes from behind Elliot, a dark man sits, his head tilted back as his body shakes with his laughter. "You know that's not true, look at them, you can see the memories inside. Look there goes Earth's, she's being reborn already?"

I scream and quickly frustrated tears flow from my eyes. "You monsters! You sick-" a hand meets my face in an uncaring slap. I hold my cheek and look up to see the black haired man.

"I turned them to dust."

Before I can stop myself my weapon forms and I hit him with it, until he catches it and throws it one way, me the other. Slowly, I make it to my knees and begin to cry out in agony. "Princess I thought you'd be more of a fight, it's too bad. You aren't as exciting as I thought you'd be," his eyes glow red and I scoot back, refraining myself from looking at him. Tears spill more as my team members' memories flood through me. They hit me like an arrow and silently a gasp escapes my parted lips. I fall over half conscious. Elliot picks me up and sets me on the bed I was once on, the man sits on his throne chuckling to himself once more.

S'mores looks over at me smiling cutely, "Universe we did it! We saved the shool and we can go home now!" Earth laughs at her, "stop being so nice to her, we all know that you hate her the most." I step back glancing at me darkening team. My eyes fall on my closest friend, "Forgotten?" The dark haired girl looks away and I tear up, "what are you all talking about? You all don't hate me! We're sisters, a team!" Asteroid's glance falls on my shuddering form, "you seriously think we formed a team with you because we liked you? Come on you're one of the strongest senshi there is, there's no way we'd ever turn down an opportunity to get so strong. That way we can return to our homes and protect them on our own, we were just using you."

"She's right," S'mores announces, "we're only in this for the glory. We want nothing to do with you. Who'd want to be on a team with a girl with no real family and the one she has now doesn't even want her?" A growl escapes from my throat, "don't be like this you guys. You all aren't like this, this isn't you!"<( ) />

"Oh yeah? How would you know?" Earth asks in a mocking tone.

"Because you're all dead!!" I scream, panting a bit afterwards. They slowly fade away and they come back only wearing their princess dresses, all carrying tears in their eyes, a gentle smile on each of their faces. "We love you Universe," Earth starts. "You'll always have us in here," Asteroid points to my pendant, flicking my nose after. "Yeah and we'll always have you in our hearts!" S'mores jumps onto me, hugging me close. "You also have us in your memories so we will never be forgotten," Sailor Forgotten smiles, tears streaming down her face. "Atonoshi!" I whine and hold her close, ( )inging the others in as well. "You all are my only friends... What am I going to do without you?"

"You can start by going back home," Earth laughs. "But you have to kick the bad guys' butts first!" S'mores yells her fists up and ready to fight. We all laugh together and soon they start to fade. The familiar salty water returns and I hold in a sob. "You can't leave me.... Not alone!" I reach out to my friends only for my hands to go right through them. One by one they bid their goodbyes and completely disappear, returning to where they came from. I bawl loudly, falling on my butt like a child. I shake my head and call out their human names. "Please don't go! Don't leave me! I don't want to be alone! PLEASE!" yet my cries are heard by no one and my tears become uncontrollable.

A warm b reeze comes from behind me and a hand rests on my head. I turn around, my eyes instantly widening, "Neo Queen Serenity!" Her eyes soften and she sinks to my height to b ring me close, "look at how big you've grown!" I sniffle and wipe my eyes and nose with the back of my hand, nodding. She ruffles my hair, "Chibiusa and Helios must be so proud." Serenity smiles and helps me wipe my tears away, "you're almost the crybaby I was." I laugh softly, "no way. You were much worse than this." The queen nods, "I think it's time we got you home yes?" My eyes lock with hers and she nods. I stand, helping her up as well.

My eyes open and Neo Queen Serenity takes over my body, attacking the two men in the room with quick fierce strikes. She hits the dark man as many times as she can before sending me back home. As soon as I set foot in Tokyo she disappears. I fall to the ground, changing into my human form. My pendant blinks and in a matter of minutes many footfalls can be heard. I lift my tired head and see Helios, the Starlights, and Chibiusa. My eyes water and Helios rushes over and emb races me tightly, his fingers weaving through my long hair. Silence fills the air and soon my sobbing can't be held back any longer. My tears fall onto Helios' shoulder and he rubs my back. He picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist.

Together we all return home, no one dares to ask what happened or where the rest of my team is. I find myself in my room once more, Helios lets go and tucks me in. "Get some rest, we have a lot to talk about tomorrow." The Starlights stay in my room, surrounding my in bed, all cuddled up to me and each other. Their warmth provides peace of mind and my body is overcome by exhaustion. I close my eyes and drift off.


I wake up in the morning to the smell of pancakes, bacon, eggs, and assorted  fruits. Michiru gives me a plate and silverware. "Chibiusa and Helios will be here soon so eat now," he advises while handing plates to Touya and Kaito. My eyes fall on my plate, staring at the food in front of me.

"They're dead you know. My team."

The Starlights freeze, ogling me with wide eyes. "What do you mean? Wasn't Atonoshi just in the infirmary?" Touya asks, his voice raising. "No she's no longer with us besides her star seed," Chibiusa states while entering the room. My eyes fill to the b rim with tears that I held back, "I'm sorry, I went anyways and they were killed and- I'm sorry," I sob openly, clinging to Helios. He shakes his head and rubs my back, "you were doing what you thought was right. I should've done better to stop you." Chibichibi gives me a look that says it was going to happen regardless and they were to die, it was their destinies and they knew it.

"Neo Queen Serenity gave me strength, and she got me here.. Safe and sound." Chibiusa's eyes widen and she steps forward, "did she tell you where she was?" With a shake of my head she sighs, "I'll have to continue looking then." I nod, "once I defeat this enemy I'll help you as well."

"You're not doing anything, the Starlights will defeat them for you," Helios argues. I clench my fist, "I don't care if I can't fight but I need to be there when it finishes. I need to help the Amazon Soldiers for Chibiusa." A charming smile forms on her face and she rests a hand on my shoulder, "thank you Mitsuki."

((6/29/15 Thank you kindly for waiting for this update! Today's my birthday so I thought it'd be a good day to update. I'm 16 o0o I'm sorry I killed them off so quickly I just needed them to die in order for the plot to go on. So please enjoy the story, I'm seriously waiting for anyone who wants to have their OCs in this story! Thank you for reading this and all of the support you've given me throughout this entire endeavor, please continue to support me and enjoy each new chapter!))

((5/4/15 I'm so sorry for the lack of updates! Wow, I almost have 900 reads. WHO THE HECK IS READING THIS? I thought people would be mad since I made a character who's Sailor Universe but apparently you all seem to like it. I'd like to add some of your OCs! [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] Contact me here and send me a bio and picture of you Sailor OC. Thank you so much for the response to this story. I've never imagined such a read. Thank you so much I'l be editing more from now on!))

((4/20/13 Oh my goodness.... Where'd I get all these reads from?! I don't check it for like... two-three weeks and BOOM. It's so hard to continue this story considering I haven't picked it up in such a long time... Thank you for reading this.)) ((DUH DUH DUNNN Cliff hangers~! Hahaha I have no idea where I'm going with this. Just go along with me on this guise. :3 again thank you for reading & o.o 82 reads?! wow...))

((6/10/13.... o.o OoO 145 READS?! You guys actually like my crappy writing?!?! ;-; I'm touched. Thanks for reading this far! I was going to post something for the 100th but I didn't know what to update. School's over now as well so~ I'll be updating more. I don't think this will ever end.))

((12/23/13 Wow! 351 reads! Thank you everyone for reading this. CX It's a bit of a mess and the ( ) thay may appear are because a b and a r are right next to each other. So any word that you can think of with a b & r right next to each other will turn into those. ;-; CX I also have 120 crowns too! Also if you want to find me on Deviantart (DA) my user is Serena7710 so you can go note me if you want me to edit this faster. If you also have suggestions or you want your OCs in this as well don't be afraid to contact me there!))
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