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 Elements of Excess

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PostSubject: Elements of Excess   Fri Feb 01, 2013 4:04 pm

Summary: It's a strange world out there. No, not because of the royal family - Princess Eris rules well, after all. And it's not because of the ponies, they seem pretty normal. It's the Elements that make you wonder, sometimes, if everything is really as sane as it looks...
(crappy summary, I know)
No idea what this is? There's a thread over in Bored? called Idea Topic - Alternate Equestria!. It has pretty much all the information about this you need. (And a bunch you don't)
Play as anypony you want to! Your OC, an Element, somepony else listed on that topic, anything! This is just a "mess-around-and-see-what-nonsense-happens" RP Epic Lulz

Random Quotes of the Month Week Whenever I change it x.x:

Kaiba.: ...
~from Morgan Epic Lulz

*currently looking for new, even more awesome quote*
~from nina Yay

Terue: this place is gorgeous!
Mari: you can say that again
Terue: Uhh this place is gorgeous!
Mari: seriously?
~from Terue Nyan!
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Elements of Excess
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