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 Duelist Kingdom Rules - Strategy, or Nonsense?

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Strategy, or Nonsense? What do you think?
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Both! :P
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Neither, it's just alskdjofiajsk. o_o
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PostSubject: Duelist Kingdom Rules - Strategy, or Nonsense?   Wed Jan 16, 2013 3:54 pm

So. Duelist Kingdom. By now if you've watched it you know the rules are very different from the real game, but they get changed in Battle City. To be fair, the guy did make up the rules for the card game in a single night, it's understandable that the tournament's crazy! This does kinda make it hard to watch though. I've even heard several people say that they didn't like watching Duelist Kingdom battles because they made no sense and were pretty much just making stuff up.
I have to agree, there are several times where it seems like rules are just thought up on the spot. And yet I really enjoy Duelist Kingdom. In fact, I almost think it's more strategic than Battle City+on! I could pull a dozen examples from the manga, but the main thing I see is that everything can make sense if you think about the game differently.
In Duelist Kingdom, it's not about the cards, it's not about the stats, it's not about the rules or the numbers or anything. It's about the holograms. Sometimes card flavor text too, but mostly the holograms. If the hologram can do it? Congrats, it's legal. Can't do something the rules say you can? Ooh, sorry, should have played a giant instead of a dwarf to reach that. It barely matters what your attack power is because mist can change it! It's horribly confusing at first, but over time I find it really fun, and if someone asked me to play using Duelist Kingdom rules I'd accept in a heartbeat!
The question is - has this ever occurred to you? Do you like Duelist Kingdom rules? Have you ever noticed this stuff? Because there's a good chance I'm just going completely grazy over-analyzing a children's card game Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed

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Duelist Kingdom Rules - Strategy, or Nonsense?
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