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 MLP - Story-thingy

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PostSubject: MLP - Story-thingy   MLP - Story-thingy EmptyMon Aug 13, 2012 10:06 pm

I wrote this off an idea I had - I don't really know where the idea came from, but I wrote a story around it XD
I have no idea how good this is or bad or interesting or anything or aaaaaa
I briefly thought it might be an AF(Alternate Future) idea for roleplays? But I have no idea how interesting it would be to you guys. XD
So! I would really like it if you guys would give me feedback! A. on the story and B. on this as a roleplay idea!
Oh and if anything's unclear in the story somewhere ask me Yay

Welcome to S Base, girls. I’m your new supervisor. Hmm? My name? You’re an inquisitive one, aren’t you? No, I don’t mean that in a bad way. You’re also obviously quick with words, if that helps.
My name is Live Wire. It used to be Wind Whisper, but I’m not that pony anymore. I chose a more fitting name after I changed. I didn’t feel my old one fit me anymore.
Yes, I said I’m not that pony anymore. I know you don’t know what I mean. That’s why you’re here. You don’t know anything yet. You will soon. I can only assume you at least know the basic of what you’ve signed up for.
Correct. So far, you’ve all been told the base minimum of the truth – you are now on the side of the Crystal Kingdom in this war. You all joined because you believe this kingdom deserves to win the war and rule over our opponents. Now you need to learn exactly what we’re fighting for.
I assume you all know about the technological advances this war has created. Those energies have been devoted directly towards weapons of war in the other two kingdoms. Our kingdom stands alone in directing technology – earth technology, without the use of magic – to aiding ponykind instead of hurting it. No, that isn’t why we’re fighting. We’re not fighting to take their technology. We fight for a reason they haven’t even thought of.
The Solar Kingdom fights for the use of its own power. Princess Helias has in no way upheld the ideals of her predecessor and instead attempts to strengthen the sun’s power. Some of you may have heard she wishes to get rid of the moon – this is incorrect, so don’t go around repeating it. The moon is to her a reflection of the sun’s power and she has no wish to “rid the world of night.”
And before you say anything else, Princess Artemis has no wish to destroy the sun either. She recognizes the stars as being suns of their own, and she would never destroy a star. The Lunar Kingdom instead attempts to strengthen the power of the moon over the sun and bring it into submission. No, she hasn’t listened to the words of her predecessor either. No, I don’t think she ever will. That’s not our task.
We are the Crystal Kingdom. More exactly, we are Project Eos. The driving force behind our ideals and our presence in this war is here, in these three bases. And now you are a part of it as well.
What is “it?” I’m telling you. We do not fight for the sun or the moon. But we do not – I repeat, we do not – fight for the Crystal Kingdom to be superior either. We are not trying to be stronger than the Solar and Lunar Kingdoms. Before they broke apart, before the two princesses entered this bloody war, the world was ruled by peace – the silent kind, the peace that permutated the air itself. There was no deadly technology. Most of you probably don’t even remember it, but war was completely unthinkable back then and had been so for many years.
Glad to see you remember. In the future, please also remember that speaking out of turn is generally frowned upon by most other leaders. No, I won’t report you. I said most “other” leaders.
We, as the Crystal Kingdom, are fighting for that past. We dive into this war not to “win,” but to restore peace. We want the Solar and Lunar Kingdoms to become the Kingdom of Equestria again, to recognize that they are equals. The sun needs the moon for equality. The moon needs the sun for light. All we want, under Princess Rhythm, is them to realize this again and stop the war. In essence, we are fighting for peace. And no, the strangeness of that sentence is not lost on me.
I understand our position is weaker than theirs. We don’t have the weapons they do. What we do have are our own inventions, modified and repurposed to do the best we can. And we have you. You are now officially part of the war effort, and thus part of the force attempting to bring peace. Project Eos welcomes you. Now everyone, I apologize for this taking so much of your time. Move on now, please, you already know where your assigned dorms are. I will see you tomorrow.
… Why are you still here? ...You want to know what I meant by “I’m not that pony anymore?” You do have a way with words, don’t you? Quick-thinking and a strong memory. What’s your name?
Flash Fire? So you’re fast also. I can see you doing well in this field. I used to be completely different from who I am now. I used to be a normal pony like you.
I’ll tell you what happened if you’ll stop sputtering. I was a fighter, my talent for listening let me discern where to dodge to in the midst of a firefight. No, I wasn’t a unicorn – I was an Earth pony then too. I was in several of the major battles near the start of the war, fairly lucky to survive each time. Then the Battle of Sugar Spring happened and I honestly didn’t survive.
They rushed me back to camp when I was almost dead. There was only one way to save my life and only a 30% chance even it would work. These bodies were made as robots, they weren’t made for pony souls to be implanted in them, but I told them to do it. It worked. I woke up again as a metallic pony that would never run battlefields again for fear of losing me – and also because my bravery in that fight and in the transplantation had promoted me to supervisor. Supervisors don’t fight unless something is seriously wrong.
Don’t be sorry. I’m here. I have the job of helping run Project Eos, and training girls like you to do what I used to. I see you’re in the battlefield training – I’ll be seeing you tomorrow for longer than the other girls. Now go on to your dorm. I have a meeting to attend.
… You are inquisitive, aren’t you? It’s on the status of the war. That’s all you need to know. That’s all you want to know. There are a lot of things I still haven’t told you. There are a lot of things no one ever will.

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MLP - Story-thingy
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