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 Illusions Of The Present - Re-Write

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Illusions Of The Present - Re-Write Empty
PostSubject: Illusions Of The Present - Re-Write   Illusions Of The Present - Re-Write EmptyMon Feb 13, 2012 4:31 am

In a separate section so both are readable. ^_^
Well! This is the re-written version of Illusions Of the Present! New-and-improved!
Possibly... do tell me which you think was better. And I'd love it if you said why.
Please please please if anything is confusing ask me! I will tell you I promise! O_O
Try reading after you read the story if you want to read but not to spoil. It won't go away. xD

And now: the story!

Illusions Of The Present

Lightning flashed across the blood-red sky, dancing from cloud to cloud. A lone girl stood at the base of a crumbling tower, and couldn’t help but momentarily cringe at its condition. It was surrounded by rubble, and could honestly turn into that at any point. The Eternal Sailor Soldier was not excited by the prospect, but it was clear she had no choice but to enter. The sky, the rubble, this tower appearing out of nowhere… it all pointed to one thing.
Chaos; their ultimate enemy, responsible for everything they’d ever fought. It apparently had decided to come face-to-face with the Soldiers itself. The lone girl stood staring for a moment longer in hesitation – she really would like to come out alive – but a Sailor’s duty comes first. Sighing, she entered the tower.
Once inside, the Soldier looked around. Rocks, broken glass, and a conspicuous pile of rubble… Obviously the staircase had already disintegrated. She wondered briefly how the tower still stood, but realized it was Chaos’s tower, after all. She couldn’t help but mutter “Oh, great,” under her breath. She wasn’t sure she could fly all the way up there… Maybe someone else was already inside? “CAN YOU GET ME UP THERE?” she yelled, hoping someone could hear her. She stood around for a bit, waiting for a response. Nothing came. Irritated, she turned again and noticed an elevator off to the side.
“NEVER MIND!” she called up, partially sarcastically, as she entered the elevator and punched the ‘Roof’ button. The elevator started to rise, and she leaned back against one wall, quite pleased for finding such a simple way up. A working elevator – about the handiest thing she could have found!
Wait a minute. She’d found a working elevator? And it was inside a crumbling stone tower? And… had it really been there when she’d looked befo-
Her thoughts cut off as the elevator lurched to a stop. The Sailor punched at the ‘Roof’ button again, but to no avail. It had all been a trap! There weren’t supposed to be elevators in towers anyway! “Oh, well this is JUST GREAT!” she yelled. She had no idea how far up she was, she probably couldn’t make it, and the drop was way too big… she’d stepped right into the trap. Now what?
At the bottom of the tower, another Sailor entered the place. She heard a muffled voice from the elevator shaft, but couldn’t make out the words. She knew it was frustrated, though. She ran to the control panel and practically smashed the button in her urgency. “Come on… come on…” she whispered unconsciously, looking around frantically. She fully expected enemies to start crawling out of the shadows any minute now… If Chaos was really here, then there should be hundreds of enemies. And the world was practically fortune-telling its own death.
She had to stop it. She had to save this planet. But… where were all the fighters? The shadows weren’t moving. Had Chaos come to fight them face to face? If that was true… they could die…
The elevator stubbornly refused to move. Finally she gave up on it, and the second Sailor resorted to trying to guess the height by eye. She channeled her energy to her wings for a few moments, and then launched herself up to the elevator’s door. “Well, here goes…” she murmured, hurriedly pushing the button and flying in.
The girl inside looked up quickly. “Sailor Universe?!?” she said in shock – and, to be honest, in gratefulness. “Why- what are you doing here?” “This planet is in danger. I had to come,” Sailor Universe replied. “The same reason as you, I would assume. And you got trapped, Sailor Meteor?”
“Chaos is here,” Meteor said, though she blushed at the mention of the trap. “And it’s attacking us already, apparently. How do we get out of here?” She gestured around her. “There’s no other exit but that door.” “If we pool our energy, we should be able to fly out,” Universe said. “Let’s do it!” Meteor replied.
Down at the base, yet another person entered... but not a Sailor Soldier. The man calmly walked to the elevator shaft and rappelled himself upwards; he looked up just in time to notice the two Sailors reach the top of the shaft and land safely. He met them at the top, surprising… at least one of them in a good way. “KAIBA! YOU CAME!” Meteor shouted, and gave him a hug. She always loved it when he helped them! After all, he was her boyfriend!
Kaiba returned the hug before he spoke. “It’s wonderful to see you too, but, uh… why is the sky red? I mean, it’s admittedly interesting, but… not normal…” Meteor couldn’t stop herself from slapping herself in the head. “Sailor Universe, can you explain this one for me?” Universe nodded before turning to Kaiba. “Chaos is here, at the top of this tower,” she said. “It’s waiting for us, and I can only assume personally since none of us met any other enemies on the way here.”
“Then we need to give this battle everything we can,” Kaiba said, suddenly serious. “Let’s go,” he added, before he moved towards the one remaining staircase to the roof. Meteor held him back, half-whimpering “But I’m scared! We don’t even really know what it is! And you don’t have magic!” “I’ll protect you,” Kaiba smiled. “And I can take care of myself. Trust me, okay?” Meteor was reluctant, but she let go, and nodded a yes. “Then let’s go, now, before it’s too late to even do that,” Universe said, also turning towards the stairs.
The group nodded together one last time, and made a silent pact – they would save this world, no matter the cost – before they reached the roof. As they left the staircase, the situation they were in hit them again; on top of a crumbling tower. Chaos had certainly picked an advantageous fighting spot. As lightning flashed yet again in the sky, a black fog crept onto the roof that had seemingly appeared from nowhere. As it slowly swirled around the three fighters, each one of them came to understand exactly what it was they were about to fight.
This was Chaos. It had no form. It could have no form. If there was a definite shape, a real object or person, then it wasn’t actually Chaos. They’d never seen the real thing before. And right now it stared right at them with the only ‘form’ it had – a pair of glowing, grey eyes.
“I’M SCARED MORE THAN EVER BEFORE RIGHT NOW!” Meteor shrieked involuntarily, as she suddenly grabbed onto Kaiba and hung on for dear life. Kaiba, for his part, still desperately tried to reassure her – or at least to convince her to stand up again! The fog slowly swirled around, floating before the group. “Sailor Soldiers…Protector…” it said. “You dare challenge me?” “Of course we do!” Universe replied. “We won’t let you destroy this world!” “Then try to defeat me!” Chaos said loudly, and the fog seemed to disappear.
That had been odd. Chaos’ voice was nothing like they’d expected it to be. It almost sounded… young. That didn’t make any sense at all! What was going on here?
It hadn’t made the apparition any less terrifying though, as Meteor quickly rushed out the words “Um you guys can I’m not strong enough.” She hated ghosts, and knowing now that her arch-foe was basically a giant, black ghost… it seemed as though all her bravado had left her. Universe turned towards her angrily. “DON’T SAY THAT!” she yelled, slapping Meteor across the face. “Don’t you dare say that! You know that’s not true!” She couldn’t understand! Perhaps, as Sailor Universe, she had more insight than most, but this should be simple enough! They didn’t have time for her fears! Besides… couldn’t Meteor tell that she was scared too?
“WHATEVER! YOU CAN FIGHT ON YOUR OWN!” Meteor yelled back. Her face still stung from the slap… and her head still stung from Universe’s words. She couldn’t just turn off her fear! Angry, she turned to walk away. She planned to still fight, but away from Universe.
Without warning, the fog they’d seen reappeared. It was… grey, now, not black, but there was no time to think about this as it changed shape to a tornado. It sucked in Meteor and twisted her up. It drew her close to the center, and it truly appeared the tornado pulled at Meteor’s limbs! Universe tried desperately to help her, and Kaiba almost charged the fog out of anger, but it wasn’t until Meteor screamed for help that Universe managed to create flames on the ground. “Don’t you dare take her away!” she yelled, as the flames flew toward the tornado.
The tornado was forced to move to escape the flames. Meteor waved herself around madly and managed to grab Kaiba’s hand and get to safety. The flames instantly disappeared, as Universe no longer controlled them. The tornado dissipated as well. Universe turned to Meteor, breathing heavily. “Kaiba, take Meteor and get you both out of here,” she ordered. “You’re already wounded.”
“What? No way!” Meteor responded, slightly afraid. “It’s just scratches! We’ll be fine!” “I said, get out of here!” Universe repeated, stronger this time. “Why?” Meteor asked, in a small voice. “You’re the one that yelled at me when I was scared!” Universe groaned and started to summon magic to her hands. “Because I-“
For a split second, Universe stopped. Her voice became strained, as if she was in pain. “No! Don’t leave! Don’t! I need you both! It’s Chaos!” she cried. “Be quiet, you!” Chaos whispered angrily from within her. “You know you don’t need them!” “No! No! I do need them! Help me!” Universe cried out again. Kaiba shouted “HOW?!” in his frustration. “I don’t know what to do this time!” Universe cringed slightly – she hated to do this but she had to- “I- UNIVERSE CRYSTAL ACTIVATION!” she suddenly screamed, forcing Chaos out of her and changing into her princess form. As she did so, though, one of her crystals shattered, and she knew what she had done. But to protect this planet… and all her friends… it would be worth it, wouldn’t it?
Stunned, Meteor could only stutter out the words “Wow… Universe…” “Meteor, I’m so sorry for what I said. Can you forgive me?” Universe asked. “Of course I can!” Meteor said quickly. “You’re my friend; of course I can forgive you!” Universe nodded, before she resumed speaking to Chaos. “Chaos! I will fight to protect this planet! I will never give up against you!” “I’ll fight too,” Meteor said, not as strongly but with a force that was her own. “I’ll never forgive you for what you’ve done.” Kaiba stepped forward as well. “I can’t forgive you either. Chaos! Even without magic, I won’t stop attacking you!”
The only response was a laugh, a dark chuckle that filled their ears for only a moment. It didn’t bode well. Chaos didn’t pass on this opportunity – in their excitement to state their fervor, they’d left themselves open. Quickly, it slipped into Meteor’s back, possessing her.
Meteor’s eyes opened wide, turning a purple color before she spoke. When she did, it was in the voice they’d last heard Chaos using! “Now there’s no way you can defeat Chaos! Not now that I’m with her, anyway… You’d have to hurt me. You don’t want to do that, do you?” she smirked. “We can’t lose!” Universe, still slightly in shock, called out “Chaos! I’ll get her back without hurting her! You just wait!” She then dropped to her knees. That was the only way to get her back, for sure… but what could she use? What could… and then the idea hit her. She jumped back up with her plan.
She didn’t dare attack her. So she used her words to hit Meteor where she thought it would shock her most. “METEOR!” she shouted. “IF YOU DON’T COME BACK I’LL TAKE KAIBA FOR MYSELF!”
Meteor heard that. “NO. KAIBA IS. MINE,” she struggled out. “Quiet, you,” Chaos muttered. “You can’t do anything. Look what she’s doing to you.” Universe continued, hearing her friend’s voice instead of Chaos’s. “I’ll do it! I’m going to take him for myself!” she said as she walked over to Kaiba. Kaiba knew to play along, just this once, and so he kissed her.
Meteor’s heart practically stopped. She fell into an almost catatonic state as she slowly backed away, unable to believe what she saw. Tears fell uncontrollably from her eyes as she tried to take it in. Sailor Universe, her best friend, had stolen her Kaiba! As she started to run, she was unable to go anywhere but she still tried anyway… and Chaos whispered into her ear. “How dare they betray you?” “Chaos, leave me alone… I can’t think… I can’t walk,” Meteor said as she slumped to the ground, still in tears. She was very near the wall now, and though she didn’t look, her friends were concerned. “Now do you see?” Chaos whispered. Its voice grew softer. “Look at them. Look at them in your mind. They kissed. They – if only for a moment – felt love. Love that should have been yours – but they stole it.”
Meteor could only cry harder. It was true, it was all true! They had done that! “If you joined me, I would never harm you,” Chaos added. “No one would. No one would dare.” “… Yes?” Meteor whispered. Her mind led her to Kaiba. Kaiba’s kiss with Universe – stolen kiss - flashed in her brain as she shook her head. “No… never…” she muttered. Her mind was made up. She never looked behind her to see Universe and Kaiba as they slowly approached, or as they hoped Meteor was still alright. They never heard her speak to Chaos, out loud, without care in her thoughts anymore.
“Chaos… please… I want to join you. But can you erase my memories of him? I don’t want to remember him at all,” she said. “Of course,” Chaos said. It was exactly what it wanted, after all. The memories slowly trickled away. Meteor waited, but the kiss… the kiss was still there, it wasn’t leaving yet, and she couldn’t take it! “Chaos, stop,” Meteor ordered. “This won’t… this can’t do it. I have to do this myself!” she half screamed, using magic to create a sword. Universe and Kaiba took a step back, looks of horror on their faces as she aimed the sword at her chest. Blood splattered up to her eyes, mixing with her tears as Chaos watched. Meteor slowly turned around, staring at Kaiba. “Will you love me?” she asked, in a broken voice.
Universe could only stare as her friend fell apart. This wasn’t what she had meant to do! This wasn’t the answer! “Please, Meteor! When I did that… I didn’t mean it! I didn’t want you to do this!” she said frantically. Meteor yelled, “How was I supposed to know?!” in her scraped voice. “And besides,” she continued, choking back blood, “you of all people should know. When a girl and a boy kiss you FEEL LOVE, DIDN’T YOU?!” “But we didn’t!” Universe pleaded. “We felt nothing!” “You lie!” Meteor screeched, before she slumped down further into the ground.
Chaos simply stood by, invisible, enjoying the show. The pain had increased by tenfold at this point, causing many amusing wriggles and gasps from the injured girl. It wouldn’t be long before the girl was dead, and then her body, soul and Crystal would belong to Chaos. The form stared at Universe for a moment. It hadn’t taken it long to realize who this girl was. It promised another good show later on…
Kaiba suddenly burst out his own words. “She’s not lying! Neither of us felt anything! You were possessed,” he continued as he knelt down next to Meteor, “and we wanted to shock you back to us!” He pulled the sword out of Meteor’s chest, wincing at her weak scream of pain. Kaiba picked her up and ignored the blood. “We didn’t want this! I didn’t want this… I only love you… don’t you trust me?” “Kaiba…” Meteor whispered. She was weak, but the wish in her voice was evident. There was only one way to do it, though, and though she partially regretted it, Universe whispered, “Universe Protection Shield/Heal.” A bubble appeared over Meteor for a split second. It shone bright enough Kaiba had to set her down and back away, but when it faded, Meteor only had scratches and a bruise over the stabbed place. In the ecstatic hugging that followed, the other two didn’t see another of Universe’s crystals shatter.
Chaos was temporarily in shock. Sailor Universe… she’d gotten much stronger than the last time they’d met. Clearly this was reflected in her title. However, this didn’t mean Chaos couldn’t use Meteor. It wanted that girl, for her myriad uses… and so it began to erase her memories of Kaiba again. It did it faster though; the transition was completed in a matter of seconds and hurt… quite a bit.
Meteor dizzily stared at Kaiba. “Who are you? Why are you here with me and Universe?” she asked. Kaiba didn’t have the chance to speak before the fog reappeared and Universe began shouting. “Chaos, what did you do to her?” “She asked me to take away her memories. I did. Is that wrong? I fulfilled her wish,” Chaos replied. Obvious sarcasm was evident in its voice.
“Yes! It’s horribly wrong! She told you to stop!” Universe said, barely controlling her anger. “Oh, that’s right,” Chaos said. “She did say that. So I stopped. Then she stabbed herself and tried to die, isn’t that right? Would you rather I do that? I can oblige for her,” it said. One of the fog tendrils grasped a fog sword, ready to strike in an instant if the order was given.
“NO!” Universe shouted, running over and shielding Meteor. “I said if you would like that. Were you listening? Honestly,” Chaos said. As the sword disappeared, it continued, “So, what would you like me to do? Tell me, please, let me laugh.” Universe was defiant. “I will save you, sister! No matter what, I won’t let Chaos take you!” “Save?” the form asked. “So you guessed it. You’re quite observant,” it said.
The fog swirled around, taking a definite form: a human. Sailor Chaos stood amidst the clouds, the only Sailor Soldier to have been turned by Chaos. This explained the voice, at least… but it also proved something terrifying. Chaos wasn’t here. This was a human, a Sailor Soldier but yet a human, who had taken in enough of Chaos’s power to be considered Sailor Chaos… And yet even if they defeated her, Chaos still lived.
Kaiba and Meteor wound up both saying the same thing: “Sister?!” “Yes,” Universe said, “this is my sister, Rasha. We were separated at birth… and now I will save you!” she said as her attention moved to Sailor Chaos. “Only if you save people from themselves,” Chaos answered. “You weren’t with me as I grew up. How do you know this isn’t who I really am?” “Because you’ve changed… onee-sama…” Universe drifted.
Meteor, meanwhile, was still confused about the strange man with her. “Sailor Universe, tell me who he is,” she said, pointing at Kaiba. “He’s Kaiba! He’s your boyfriend, and we go to school together… and we met at the amusement park! Remember that? He saved us from that malfunctioning Ferris Wheel!” Universe replied. Meteor shook her head slowly. “No… I don’t…”
Universe sighed before she turned back to Chaos. “Onee-sama! Fix her!” she shouted. “You still call me that? Fine, Imouto,” Chaos sighed. “Though… it might be a bit altered…” At once Meteor’s memories returned, but with them came false memories. She remembered Kaiba, but now she also knew a girl named Rasha as a friend of hers…
Meteor jumped up in record time. “Kaiba! I thought I lost you but never again I won’t forget you ever!” she shouted before she hugged him. Universe, however, had heard Chaos’s side remark, and ran up to her. She had forgotten about any caution or thought, and slapped her sister hard enough it almost made her bleed. “Onee-sama! You idiot! I missed you for so long and now look what you’re doing! Stop it right now!” she screamed.
“Imouto,” Chaos said, admittedly as she grimaced a bit from the force of the slap. “Just watch.” “Why? What are you doing? What have you done to her memories?” Universe asked. Her only answer was Meteor, who suddenly ran up to Sailor Chaos and spoke… odd words. “Hey! What’s up Rasha! How are you? You never told me Nina was your sister! Hey, Nina, what are you talking about my memories for?” she spouted in a rush.
“Your memories? Oh, stop being so doubting!” Chaos said, as she stepped towards her with a smile. Universe could only turn to Meteor, tears in her eyes. “She changed your memories… that day at the amusement park was just us and Kaiba! She wasn’t there! She was never there!” she burst out. “Universe, why are you crying?” Meteor asked. “Rasha, are you sure you didn’t change her memories? Because she’s acting a bit… um…” “I’m sure. I don’t know what she’s doing…” Chaos replied. “Don’t tell lies like that, imouto.”
Universe transformed into her princess form out of sheer desperation. Her mind was in turmoil from the consequences of healing Meteor. “I don’t want to do this…” she started, as she dared to half-hope that Chaos would change her back herself before she shouted “MULTI-CRYSTAL ACTIVATION! RESTORE METEOR’S MEMORIES!” A rainbow-colored flash of light shot through Meteor’s head, and as she opened her eyes wide, her memories were restored. She took a step back, blinked, and said, “Chaos… THAT WAS AN EPIC FAIL. YOU LOST BIG TIME.” Meteor then laughed, and Universe joined her, even as four more of her crystals shattered.
Chaos stood still for a moment. “Sister is strong, then…” she whispered, then raised her hands. Instantly, the tower was plunged into darkness, darkness you can feel, the kind you can't see your hand through. Maze walls rose up, with monsters down every dead end. At the end of it all sat Sailor Chaos. Black crystals shone around the throne she’d created. Her voice echoed to the three heroes. “Shall we play a little game, imouto?”
“Oh crap,” Universe said. “There is an exit, right?” “I don’t know!” Meteor said, as she hugged on to Kaiba even tighter. “Let them out! They don’t need to be in this ‘little game!’” Universe shouted upwards. “If you want it so, imouto,” the echoing voice replied, and Meteor and Kaiba were teleported a bit outside of the darkness. From here they could see that the entire place was an illusion, covering only the top of the tower. “Wait, no! Chaos, let us back in!” Meteor called. She was answered quickly. “There’s nothing stopping you. Come in and play…”
Inside the darkness, Universe took a deep breath. “Crystal Light Shining!” she said, and a light shone around her, revealing her position as a dead end. “Where are you, monsters?” she called out. It was best if she drew them to her. Meteor, on the other hand, walked back into the cloud of darkness, and a clawed beast ripped at her arm. Somehow having managed to not cry out, Meteor threw a fireball at it, shouting “WEAKLING!” after it was dead. It hadn’t really been that weak – but it was best if she drew the monsters to her!
Chaos watched Universe find the center of the maze. “Where do you think I am?” she taunted, as she set a small portion of the maze walls ablaze. “I’ll find out,” Universe replied. She took to the sky before she spotted the fire. “Meteor!” she called out, as she noticed her friend backing away from the flames, scared. “Dead end,” replied Chaos, as a dragon knocked Universe down.
Kaiba caught up at that moment, grabbing Meteor as getting her over the flames. She quickly began to throw fireballs at the dragon from a distance, not ready to get closer. As the dragon sliced through Universe’s skin, she screamed in pain. Far too much blood forced her outfit into ribbons before one of her crystals shattered, as it turned itself and the dragon into dust – and Universe’s outfit back to normal. “Smart,” Chaos admitted, as she watched the wounded girl heal herself with another crystal. “But when all the crystals are done, then what will you do? You do remember what each crystal means, don’t you? Are you really willing to waste so many on me? Hmm. Continue the game. It’s quite enjoyable from here.”
Kaiba and Meteor fought off some enemies as Universe ran down one of the paths, her thoughts turned to what her sister had said. “What if I can’t save her? What if she changes me… or what if I do save her, but die? Would it have been worth it? If I fail… even if I don’t, what have I done?” she thought, before noticing Meteor as she ran ahead. But without warning, Meteor collapsed.
Trapped in her own mind, Meteor saw a girl crawling out of a television. “No… not you… you caused me to-to stay up with nightmares… so long…” she muttered, trying to crawl away. Her feet didn’t work. She could barely move. “I said if this happened, I wouldn’t be scared, but…!” she screamed. The girl had moved to only a few feet away, her eyes fixed on Meteor. In the maze, Universe shook her friend desperately, as she called over and over “Wake up. Wake up. It’s time to wake up now. Wake up.”
Meteor eventually got to her feet and ran. “Maybe, since you came from a well, you don’t like FIRE!” she yelled, and she shot fireballs at the girl… which went straight through her. “Huh?” Meteor asked. She gathered up her courage and walked up to her… and stuck her arm straight through the nightmare. “You’re an illusion! A PROJECTION!” she screamed, and this woke herself up. “Are you alright?” Universe asked. “I am… but it was a nightmare, my worst, and she’ll do it to you, too…“ Meteor cut herself off at the sight of Kaiba, fallen on the ground like she had been. “No!”
In Kaiba’s nightmare, there was no Meteor, Universe, or anyone he wanted to have there. All that seemed to exist was a dark void... and a certain spiky-haired shadow that he swore he recognized. “Girls, this isn’t funny!” he called out. “Is-is this a dream? What’s going on?” Meteor and Universe, meanwhile, shook him until Universe said, “I need to keep going. You stay here with him, and maybe if I find her I can make her fix it.”
Meteor, though a bit freaked out to be alone with Kaiba, agreed. “Okay, then, adieu! I will come back, I promise!” Universe called as she ran on down the path. At last she reached the end of the only path left. Chaos, of course, was there, uninjured so far, set up on a cloud of fog. She wore gray and black, which matched her hair in shade and color. Black crystals now floated around, lit only briefly by flashes of lightning, common enough now it was hard to tell if they were illusions or real.
“Well, you certainly took your time getting here, imouto,” the Soldier of Chaos mentioned. “It’s been a long time, sister,” Universe said. “I missed you, but now I don’t know why. Father did this, didn’t he? This was why you killed him, and turned evil, while I was with Mother. So what do you want with me?” “Father did this? Oh no, I killed him after I became this,” Chaos said. “So you admit you changed!” Universe leaped onto that point. “You admit you were different!” “Perhaps once I was. But so were you. You didn’t begin as the protector of the universe,” Chaos replied.
Kaiba’s situation finally resolved as Meteor resorted to giving him a kiss, in a desperate attempt to awaken him. It worked, amazingly, and Meteor jokingly noted, “Today has been pretty backwards, huh?” The two of them ran forward, and quickly reached the spot where Chaos was talking to Universe. “No, I didn’t,” Universe said. “But I earned that status. I’ve protected every planet.” “Protected every planet, she says!” Chaos said, bursting into laughter for a moment. “Yet you used, what, eight crystals to reach me? You killed eight whole worlds just to get to me, and I’m the evil one?”
“If I don’t stop you, they’ll die anyway… because you’ve turned evil…” Universe said, as she scrambled for an excuse. “Oh, very true statement. They will. So it’s better you kill them than me, apparently,” Chaos said, and she smiled as she did so. “Also, turned evil? Evil is only an illusion, isn’t it? Evil is feared. So if I’m loyal to your idea of right, am I good?”
“Um…” Universe muttered. This wasn’t quite what she had expected. Chaos continued. “The secondary purpose of the Sailor Crystals is to choose between mere humans and overly good. You are good, because you have a Sailor Crystal… or more. And since I have a Crystal…” “It makes you… good?” Universe asked. “Correct. The universe deems me good, just as it does you. Yet I’m sure you remember I’ve been your only enemy this whole time… and honestly, you’ve done what I have probably more than me…”
“That makes no sense,” Kaiba muttered. “Take out your crystal, onee-sama. If it’s black, you aren’t good anymore,” Universe said. “Don’t you see them, imouto? Like you, I have more than one. It is all the planets that have been destroyed… oh, look, there’s those eight!” Chaos smiled, gesturing to the floating crystals. As she saw Universe’s death glare, the crystals disappeared from view. “Now, what should we do? Have I melted your brain with my talking?” A small smirk appeared on her face. “Imouto, never let down your guard in front of your enemy.”
A tiger leaped onto Universe and tore at her wings. Universe quickly shot a beam at it, and it crumbled into dust – but not before her wings were ripped to the point she didn’t know if she could fly. “Onee-sama, why are you doing this?” she asked. “Why did you come up here?” Chaos responded. “Aren’t you going to beat the enemy, save the world? Aren’t you going to attack?” “Maybe,” Universe said. “Maybe not,” Kaiba continued. “We don’t need to,” Meteor said softly. “We don’t need to hurt you. Why can’t you be good?”
“I am ‘good’. Anyone with a Sailor Crystal is ‘good’, as I told imouto,” Chaos said. “Look at her. If she is good, then so am I… How were you thinking of ‘saving’ me, anyway?” “Things will get worse, onee-sama!” Universe responded. “’Worse...’” Chaos drifted. She continued, “Oh, I see. You think the possession will get worse. Let me ease your fears, it doesn’t get much worse than it already is.”
“Then how are you good?” Meteor shouted. “You put us through nightmares! You’re trying to kill us!” “We don’t have time for this, run!” Universe said. She pulled Meteor and Kaiba along, out of the maze, away from Chaos. Chaos simply moved some of her fog and created another illusion around them. “What are you doing?” Universe asked.
“Not much, really,” Chaos said. “Only playing with your fears, creating illusions, you know. I can’t really do much else, imouto.” The illusion changed, becoming the one thing both Soldiers would fear. Such was the benefit of having possessed the one and having the other as a sister.
“Ah!” Universe screamed as she ran. “NO! DON’T HURT ME! GET AWAY FROM ME!” she screamed, in terror until she tripped over a root. Then she was in true terror. “NO!” Meteor also tripped over a root, paralyzed by fear, only able to stare at the approaching nightmare. Universe barely woke up. As she took heavy breaths, she ran over to Meteor and Kaiba and knocked them out. “It’s for the best…” she thought. At least, she thought that until Kaiba woke up and started choking her in anger. She coughed loudly enough Meteor woke up and managed to save her from Kaiba’s wrath.
While Meteor stood there, Chaos took a chance and possessed her again. Not to fight quite yet, but to draw the group back to her first. She wanted to deal with them up-front right now. Meteor’s mind locked up, and she headed toward Chaos. Universe quickly used a spell to free her, and the three locked eyes. Even Kaiba had a crucial part in this plan. They ran to Chaos’s throne, where she stood.
Universe stopped in front of Chaos and drew out her best crystal, the first crystal she was granted. It was the one crystal that would not destroy a world if it shattered! “LEGENDARY CRYSTAL ACTIVATION!” she shouted, and the crystal glowed brightly with power. Kaiba, Meteor, and Universe joined hands around the crystal. Kaiba to anchor the power; Meteor to focus the power; Universe to source the power! “I risk my life for this! Crystal!” Universe shouted, as they all began to glow, “SAVE MY ONEE-SAMA!”
“What are you doing?” Chaos started to say, but she quickly changed her tone. For the first time she truly sounded scared as she sunk to the floor. She muttered under her breath, “I-imouto! What are you doing? How are you doing this? You-you can’t!” Her voice sunk to a whisper as she grabbed the sides of her head. “It hurts… I don’t understand… sister… Universe! Meteor! Save me!” The last shreds of Chaos struggled out the words “Leave… me… alone…” though in a whisper she added, “Sister! Meteor! It’s letting go! Please, don’t stop! Please!
A final blast of light illuminated the entire tower. A faint spiral of darkness could barely be seen away from the area as the light returned to normal, and it had quickly left. In that flash, before the three heroes stood a blond haired, blue eyed Sailor Soldier in a purple and red outfit. The real Soldier stared at her sister and two friends in a mix of shock and joy.
“Onee-sama, you’re back! You’re alive!” Universe said, as she ran in for a hug. “I am! I am! Thanks to you!” she said. “So who are you, honestly?” Kaiba asked. The Sailor looked up. “I am Rasha, the Soldier of Illusion. Chaos possessed me and forced me to do all this to you… I can only offer my gratitude to you all and pray you can forgive me.”
“Of course we forgive you, onee-sama!” Universe said. “I forgive you for everything!” “It wasn’t your fault,” Meteor added. “You fought Chaos from the inside and stopped it from outright killing us.” “If you hadn’t forced it to use illusions, to use your power, we wouldn’t have lived,” Kaiba finished. “You’re part of the reason you’re alive.” Thank you, Imouto, Meteor, Kaiba,” Illusion said, and smiled, when suddenly the tower shook. “I forgot about that! This place is going to collapse on us if we don’t run!” Meteor said. Everyone ran, and they all made it out of the tower safely.
The sky was clear blue. The sun shone happily on the birds that flew through its path. And an echo to that smile was three Sailors and one Protector, who had freed a great ally from a curse of darkness.
And this… this was no illusion.

Random Quotes of the Month Week Whenever I change it x.x:

Kaiba.: ...
~from Morgan Epic Lulz

*currently looking for new, even more awesome quote*
~from nina Yay

Terue: this place is gorgeous!
Mari: you can say that again
Terue: Uhh this place is gorgeous!
Mari: seriously?
~from Terue Nyan!
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