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The Soldier of Insanity/The Duelist of Trust

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PostSubject: ALL THE RULES. YES. ALL.   ALL THE RULES. YES. ALL. EmptyMon Jan 02, 2012 2:12 pm

1. This forum is rated PG-13 - that's T in video game ratings ^_~ That means, basically, no cursing or pornography. I'm somewhat lenient towards non-descriptive violence.
There are a few threads that have raised ratings to R (M in video game ratings), but those are clearly marked in the title so you don't go blundering into them. Rules for them are still no pornography, but mild/censored cursing is allowed and there's no limit on violence.
2. Spamming. Don't do it. Seriously, we will ban you.
3. Flaming, raging, hating on other people = no! We are here to be friends over Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and/or MLP:FIM, not to hate each other!
4. Banning works like this: First nothing, then a warning, then a ban from that topic, then a ban on your email which I WILL NOT REMOVE, and if you continue to bother us I will be forced to IP ban you. Please don't make me do this.
5. Don't plagiarize or copy from someone else. Fanart and videos can be posted here, but we ask that for fanarts you state who drew it, where you found it, or just that you didn't make it. If you did make it, tell us that too! It's always fun. (And you don't have to do anything for screenshots.)
6. NO SCREAMER VIDEOS! Please tell us at least the gist of what the video is. And don't lie.
7. Only one account per person, please. You can have as many OCs on that account as you wish - I have several! You can change your username whenever you want to, but please stick to one account. The exception is if you get locked out - make another one or contact me in some way and I will reset your password.
8. If you decide to leave, tell us and/or delete your account. Please.
9. We have a chatbox! Rules are the same as forum rules.
There are some useful codes! /me puts in your name. /me loves Sailor Moon = Heather loves Sailor Moon
/abs says that you're absent. You can add a reason to it too! /abs be right back = Heather is away: be right back
Other codes are mod/admin only, but if you're made one I'll let you know Very Happy
10. OCs are allowed and encouraged, but gods/Mary Sues are not. You can have a male OC, and he can have a Sailor Crystal - but please don't make him a Sailor Soldier and put him in a skirt x_X Of course, for the other two that last part doesn't apply. Girls and guys are fine and normal! Still no gods though.
11. On that topic, minor "magic" is allowed for Yugioh OCs. Spirit partners or "seeing the card spirits" is fine too! Just don't overdo it, you're not Ruka unless you have a really good reason, okay? ^_^
12. I should probably state this up front, for clarification - yamis and the like ARE ALLOWED. The trick is to not make them Pharaohs.
13. MLP:FIM note here - I will actually allow alicorn OCs... IF you either have a really good backstory, an interesting and not-Mary Sue concept, or turn your OC into an alicorn through an RP here. I'm going to be picky, for obvious reasons, but don't give up!

The rest of this has to do with one section of the forum - Tokyo/Ponyville.

Planned, Semi-Planned, and Not Planned, right? Right. SMRPG is not covered here, the basic rules for it are in the first post of "The Beginning of the Sailors! Gain Your Full Power!"

For Planned, I hope you know:
*The basic plot
*An idea of what is against the rules
*Actual, posted rules
*The advanced plot, as in you have an idea of how it will end. This can change!
*WHO THE BAD GUYS ARE. Keep us guessing if wanted, but you have to know yourself!
*Also please know their motivations. If only a little bit of it.

For Semi-Planned, you need to know:
*The basic plot
*An idea of what is totally against the rules
*WHO THE BAD GUYS ARE. Keep us guessing if wanted, but you have to know yourself!

For Not Planned, this is all you have to know:
*The basic plot
*A vague idea of what is totally against the rules

If you don't have a clue where yours goes, just put it in Not Planned and say something akin to "I don't actually know where this belongs." I'll move it if needed.
Oh, and I'm a bit lenient on the bad guys rule. You can probably get away with a Semi-Planned without knowing who the bad guys are if you make up for it with a more detailed plot.

Finally, I want to apologize for the advertisements. I would get rid of them if I could, I swear, but they're the only reason I can even have this free forum so we have to make do.

Random Quotes of the Month Week Whenever I change it x.x:

Kaiba.: ...
~from Morgan Epic Lulz

*currently looking for new, even more awesome quote*
~from nina Yay

Terue: this place is gorgeous!
Mari: you can say that again
Terue: Uhh this place is gorgeous!
Mari: seriously?
~from Terue Nyan!
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